Bear Complex

This workout was the Crossfit Rowan WOD 4 times on 01/30/2012 , 06/12/2012 , 06/18/2013 , 02/11/2014

5 rounds of 7 reps.

power clean.

front squat.

push press.

back squat.

push press.

bar only touches the ground between reps, no resting.

work up to a max weight in the last round.  No prescribed rest between rounds but once you start, you can't stop.

The weight in the final round is your score.


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Result Type: Load |  Average: 99 lbs |  Record: 155 lbs held by <a href="/profiles/8770">Jody Kerr</a>
Taken 11 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Jody KerrRXed 155 lbs01/30/2012
2Brian WilliamsRXed 145 lbs06/18/2013
3Henry AdamsRXed 115 lbs01/30/2012
4Josh OwenRXed 115 lbs06/12/2012
5Perry CarltonModified 115 lbs06/12/2012
6Travis McdougalRXed 95 lbs06/18/2013
7Wilfredo AlbarranRXed 95 lbs01/30/2012
8Michelle CastelvecchiRXed 85 lbs01/30/2012
9Scottie ShoafRXed 85 lbs06/12/2012
10Ashley AlleyRXed 75 lbs02/11/2014
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